Setup & Maintenance

All setups are guaranteed with free adjustments within 90 days of pickup if necessary.

  • Complete Setup, Electric & Acoustic $80
  • Complete Setup, Electric w/ Locking Tremolo $100
  • Complete Setup, Classical & 12 String $100
  • New Bone Nut $120
  • New Compensated Bone Saddle $100
  • Strap Button Install $15 plus part
  • Tuner Replacement $30 +, plus part


  • File Sharp Fret Ends $35-50
  • Fret Dress (Level Crown & Polish) $140
  • Complete Refret $425 +

    Includes fret dress

  • Complete Refret, bound fingerboard $475 +

    Includes fret dress

  • Complete Refret, maple fingerboard $475 +

    Includes fret dress

Acoustic Repairs

  • Bridge Lift & Reglue $150-180
  • Repair Cracked Bridge $40-60
  • Replace Bridge, premade $170 plus part
  • Replace Bridge, custom made $250 +
  • Repair Bridge Plate $40-60
  • Top, Back, or Side Crack $60 +
  • Glue Loose Braces $50 +
  • Reglue or Replace Pickguard $80 +
  • Reset Neck Angle, bolt on neck $350 +
  • Reset Neck Angle, dovetail neck joint $500 +

Other Structural Repairs

  • Headstock, repair break $120 +
  • Banjo, replace head $60 plus part
  • Archtop Bridge Fitting $60-100
  • Custom Inlay $80 +
  • Fingerboard Seperation $40 +

Electronic Repairs

  • Jack, install solidbody $30 plus part
  • Jack, install hollowbody $60 plus part
  • General Troubleshooting & Repair $80 per hour
  • Custom Rewire $80 per hour
  • Install Pickup, electric $40 per pickup, plus part
  • Install Pickup, acoustic $75 +, plus part
  • Shield Cavity $60 +

shop policies

Price list updated 5/16/22

Standard rates are based on $80 per hour shop rate. The above price lists should be considered guidelines, as actual prices will vary based on the condition of the instrument. Prices are subject to change.

Clients will receive a written and itemized estimate upon evaluation based on the hourly shop rate for all work quoted using the listed standard rates as a general reference. Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of guitar repair, many estimates will show a range for the final cost, subject to the actual amount of working time spent repairing the instrument. 

All estimates are subject to client approval. Client will be contacted if any issues become apparent that were not diagnosed at the initial evaluation, no additional work will be completed without client approval

Some rush jobs can be accepted upon approval, additional charges will apply.

Upon completion of work, client will receive an email with their completed invoice showing the final bill. In that email will be a link to schedule an appointment to pickup your instrument.

Instruments left at the shop for 90 days after the date of completion and after multiple contact attempts will become the property of Empire Guitar Works LLC and sold to recoup the repair costs.

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