“I’ll help your guitar perform at its best so that YOU can perform at your best!”

Empire Guitar Works LLC provides guitar and stringed musical instrument repair, maintenance, and restoration services performed with precision and passion. 

“I seek to delight my clients by helping them get the most out of their instruments. I am committed to providing world class service and quick turnaround times.” -Luthier/owner Chad Gerbe

With over 16 years experience repairing tens of thousands of instruments for some of the biggest names in the music industry, luthier Chad Gerbe is thrilled to offer his expert services to Riverside County, the Inland Empire, Southern California, and beyond with


I'm happy to offer repair services backed by the shops Plek Station!

The PLEK Station is a computer controlled device designed to perform extremely accurate fret leveling and crowning, fingerboard preparation for new frets, nut and saddle work, as well as a variety of other functions to help make our guitar repairs as high quality as possible. This upgrade to the shop will help me serve my clients with more efficiency, repeatability, and a higher level of service.

Learn more about Plek technology and their impact on the guitar industry here.

Schedule an evaluation to see if your guitar would benefit from the Plek Station's services! I am so thankful to all of the clients who have helped to make this possible.

-Chad Gerbe, Empire Guitar Works LLC

I am proud to offer factory authorized warranty repair services for the following brands


Member of the Guild of American Luthiers

Mission Statement

“I know how frustrating it can be to be limited in my playing by a poorly maintained instrument. I’ve seen too many young players get discouraged and ultimately give up playing because they were suffering through high action, sharp frets, excessive buzz, and noisy electronics. My mission is to provide highly personalized instrument repair and maintenance services for every type and style of musician to help them achieve their creative and performance goals, from reknowned players at the height of their craft to beginners first getting to know their instrument.”

-Chad Gerbe, owner/luthier